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It all started nearly three years ago..... 
My husband has always been super fit, goes to the gym every morning even known for going for a quick run on New Year's Eve. Here I was his wife who would stay at home cause working out wasn't my thing.... I hated running it would make my ears burn. (Insert Derek's laugh)  I was always more of a petite girl and weight wasn't really a struggle for me..... They all say freshman fifteen. Well that didn't effect me.... Besides my hips getting a little wider preparing me for adulthood. Then we got married. I started learning to cook and let's be honest.... Paula Deen became my best friend. There wasn't a night spent in the Kingsbury household that bread wasn't added to the meal. My husband was fabulous at saying no while I would finish the whole loaf. And then one day I looked in the mirror and had to step back. No I wasn't fat but for this skinny little girl I had more lumps of skin and dimples than I ever had seen in the past. Maybe the freshman fifteen late in life or all that bread caught a hold of my love handles, thighs, booty and face.... Or pretty much everywhere.  Nobody else saw it but me. At the time my husband was deployed and I thought you know I wanna change. I have never in my life watched what I ate.... Drank 3-4 regular Pepsi's a day....and exactly what is counting calories???  I was constantly tired and felt sluggish and that I could never get ahead. That was the day my life was changed forever. I remembered one of my girlfriends started "slim in six" by Beach body and got fit quick. I googled and pressed buy now. I was never so excited to tell my husband I was going to start working out. It arrived and instantly I couldn't wait to press play.... Nervous and scared but with great determination. After the first two days I couldn't hardly walk as my legs were so sore my arms felt like jelly and I wanted to give up. But by this point I knew how proud Derek was of me and that when he came home I would be more prepared to join him in the gym. And no pain no gain right?!? The girls at the salon felt sorry for me when I had to bend over to pick up a comb. Thank goodness for handicap restrooms cause those were my best friends. During the time of this six week program I really followed the diet plans and only had one cheat meal a week if possible. (And no soda only water)  At the end of the six weeks I was so proud of myself for completing a workout program something I had never done, my husband, friends and family were proud and even my clients noticed a difference in my appearance and man did I feel better!!! I was so amazed at how many inches came off everywhere. I felt rested never tired my energy levels were out the roof and that sluggish feeling was gone. And I  had muscle definition on my arms. Woohoo!! My program was over what now? I wondered my way into the gym sometimes alone or with my girlfriend Ashley and we would workout. Lift weights. Run on the tread mill I hated. But I kept at it. Shortly later Derek returned home and now I was bound to the gym with him. It was fun to spend that time together and him teaching me what to do. While always motivating me to get up and go. But let's face it. I never really enjoyed that type of workout, besides being with him. And when it came to the radio day the treadmill, elliptical or stairs I came up with every excuse. But I will say during these times I learned how to breathe when running which eliminated my burning ears. And by this point I ran a few 5k's. Crossing that finish line never felts so amazing. I continued getting fit in the gym.  I attended some body blast classes while visiting home in Missouri and thought....."If I could find a program like this where we live with all girls a few guys. Workout, girl time and chitchat that would be my prime fun workout" but never could I find a group like that. Then we moved to Washington still watched my diet but still had pastas, cheese and bread.  You know the good stuff!!!  And worked out with Derek 4-5 times a week. 
All the sudden we were in Washington work was good. Life was good. Married life was fantastic!  My friends and family noticed how fit I had become. Some were proud, some thought I had got to skinny (till they saw me eat) and some were super motivating and inspiring. So now round two of deployment and I knew I never wanted to stop working out. After all it was fun these transformations, amazing to have long conversations with my husband about my goals and receiving his positive impact at pushing me to keep trying.  Being behind the chair I love inspiring people and what better way to motivate then to get healthy by leading as an example. And just that feeling of how great I feel. I can't give up but my did I want too! I can't go to the gym by myself. I don't know what I'm doing and I won't have Derek here to tell me to stop making excuses. So... I looked into crossfit. And my first thought was....I can NEVER do that. Those people are crazy. I can never lift that weight. Then I googled images and saw these small petite girls like myself all lean and toned and in that very moment I wanted that to be me!! So I made my girlfriend Chelsea go checkout a beginners training 1 week for free. Knowing she could only go this one time we went and both fell in love. It was hard but I then realized it was designed for everyone even those weak ones like myself or those overweight. There is a modification for everyone. I was hooked and from that day October 2012 I became a member at Graham Crossfit in Puyallup, Wa. Scared to death but the people and coaches were so nice and when I didn't think I could they pushed and encouraged me until I did!! When I started I could only do an assisted pull-up with the largest band. I could only do push-ups on my knees but not many. For goodness sakes I could barely lift a women's 35 lb bar. I had to use a beauty bar which I think is 15 lbs for the longest times on all my workouts.  My back squats were at 45 lbs.  For a second I thought I was fairly fit then starting crossfit I didn't think I was fit at all. The first month I hated it but knew if I quit what was I to do so I kept showing up.... I made friends.... I gained a second family. The power of a crossfit family is amazing   Along my journey I have laughed at myself. Cried to myself but never gave up! It's for everyone it's so motivating and to know when your not there and you come back someone is going to ask where you were. The motivation and inspiration I display to others is such a magical warm feeling. It has been a journey so here we are over a year later I have switched gyms to Crossfit 138 in Spanaway, Wa. Which was a huge change. "If we don't step out of comfort zone we will never get stronger. " and I truely believe that. In the small couple months I have been at this new location I have mastered some techniques I never thought possible.  I have an amazing group of crossfit friends all over, the family and bound we share is so unbelievable and our love for sweat! I love hearing my friends yell at me and push me over breaking points and moments when I can't they show me I can! I hit a new pr nearly one a week. I can do kipping pull ups, I can do double unders (almost consecutively) I can do a full  workout with 65 lbs over head not a beauty bar, i can back squat my body weight, I can dead lift 1 1/2 x my body weight I can do real push-ups but most of all I'm confident in myself. My arms and legs  have muscle tone, my stomach is defined and I'm so happy that've pushed myself to keep going. At times I wanna give up and some weeks I barely go. It's almost like being obsessive makes it so much easier and when I think of the inspiration Display and all the inbox messages I receive from people wanting me to help them get fit or my clients that tell me I've changed there life to by pushing them to get healthy just makes me feel so good. Still some think I'm crazy, I annoy probably many but to know that I'm healthy and that some people are proud of me makes it all ok. Not to mention I eat fairly clean as often as possible (we are always our worse critic) paleo is my life: no dairy in this girl. No processed meats and a minimal amount of carbs. I thought when I first started this journey how great u felt but now I feel even better. So this is my journey I hope somehow I have inspired and motivated you. Please if you have any questions about crossfit or any training I have done please feel free to inbox me. 

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