Friday, September 13, 2013

Beautiful before and after.

When I originally decided to start a blog it was going to be a focus on hair and beauty and a little about what my life's about. As I look at my post I realize I haven't touched on anything hair related. So as most of your are probably sticking around I  haven't delivered my life in the mirror.
So this week has been a very interesting week as I returned from vacation mid week and jumped right back into thr movin and grovin' of making some ish hair. And boy have I transformed some hair. Check out this amazing before and after.

So with this particular style we used moroccan oil hydrate shampoo and conditioner as this beautiful hair is lacking a bit of moisture. And of course it's my all time favorite shampoo and conditioner. . Great for everyday on most hair types. After our beautiful scalp massage and cleansing. Towel dried. Added a pump or two of moroccan oil treatment oil. Which is also a favorite of the Ish dolls. The treatment oil is super fabulous. Infusing the moroccan oil which is a protein into the cuticle of the hair showcasing lots of shine, reducing frizz, and making hair more manageable. Not like your typical oil that just creates a sheen on the hair. It does alot of work inside the hair transforming into healthy hair you've always wanted.  I dried it with a paddle brush which is going to help remove more of the wave. Styled with a cone iron to create this soft beach wave. And fabulous. Beautiful shoulder length hair. It's a change in season. What kind of changes have you made in your hair? Change your wardrobe, change your hair! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

PNW vacation as a tourist.

I'm sure all of you have been just impatiently awaiting for the final destination of our trip and my life experiences to complete our vacation. We really had a marvelous time touring the west coast. And I'm truely happy to say I've been here, I've seen that and I did fall in love with the Oregon coast and Cali. It's such a huge difference than the state of Washington. Althought the climate is very similar, the beaches are not. But one thing I will say I'm glad to be out of that car and back into this routine of life, eating well, working and back to crossfit. Our bodies are beginning to get back to normal. Now Enjoy our experiences!

One part I left out about Oregon was that I believe the majority of the dungranees  crab comes from there. It was crabbing season and those little guys were dead everywhere. It's known that I had Derek dig one out of the sand with his hands to just discover it was dead and very smelly! 

China town is very interesting filled with most of tourist junk stores and the smell of old Chinese food. But it was a great experience for me as I've never been to any "chi-towns" 

Pier 39 is beautiful. I thought Oregon had alot of sea lions until I visited pier 39. True amazingness. 

Fishermans warf is one of a kind. I've never seen so many stands on the side of the street filled with crab, clam chowder and seafood too bad I had just ate lunch. 

In and out burger looked pretty cool and I've been told its a must stop in Cali so of course we indulged! It was better than McDonald's but I really didn't find all the "hype" in it but again I'm not from the west coast 

Lombard street was pretty amazing. We wound down the hill in seconds. Although I thought there were lots of beautiful flowers but after living in wa I'm not convinced there aren't any flowers more beautiful than there. 

Derek and I walked miles to find that special dinner spot to only discover we were underdressed. If your in sf you must dress to impress for dinner. So we settled for some burgers at the burger bar. But we were comfy... Well our feet weren't and the food was yummy! 

I'm not going to touch on this subject but give a statement. My opinion on homeless people continues to get worse. 

Wine country is amazing. Never have I seen so many vineyards and this was before San Francisco. 

Golden Gate Bridge is amazing. Marin headland is a must see. The city the bridge amazing views. 

Chinesse, Japanese and Koreans are taking over these cities. 

Yes I was a tourist with my Nikon camera 

Hotels and food are very expensive in San Francisco. When booking a room don't forget parking is an extra $100. 

Most of the time in life you only visit a city once so embrace it, soak it in and don't worry about money. When in doubt charge it! 

 When there are more security than shoppers I probably don't belong in that store. 

The shopping is amazing. A little to rich for my taste but I like to pretend.  

I purchased my first pair of converse on the fourth floor at dsw. 

The giants stadium is the most amazing stadium I've been too but only the cardinals will be the best. This stands second. 

During the game Yusmeiro Petit   "almost" threw a perfecf game until one hit. It was a sad sad moment. 

My Instagram picture was the first to get displayed on the jumbo screen. Thanks to my hashtag. #giants.  After this point Derek believes more in insta! 


Everyone told me it was always windy and chilly in sf. They were wrong.... So I sweated to death while I was there. 90 was great had I packed summer clothes. 

Napa valley was beautiful. A definate must see. Make sure to bring a big wallet. 

The vineyards were beautiful.

 It's known I jumped out of the car and picked a handful of grapes just to get the rrsl taste.  Reminded me of the grapes I picked at my grandmas as a child..... And for those of you who know my husband was very mad at me for this as I was "breaking thr rules" but they were yummy and it was worth it. 

Castello di amorosa was the most amazing castle and very delicious red wine. 

Wine tasting+intoxication= the purchase of 11 bottles of wine and new wine club members to Girard winery. So if you come to our house in the next year or so be ready to drink! 

Red wine is my favorite. Although sweet mascota is close on my list. 

Wine hangovers are the worse. 

Not sure what they "hype" is on the outlets in napa. 

All and all this vacation was fabulous it was a perfect little roadtrip for Derek and I. Fabulous bounding time.  I can't say I'm ready for another one anytime soon as 9 days in a car, 865 miles was a little much. But it's a great memory in our minds that we will never forget. If you haven't done a west coast trip this is a fabulous must see for everyone! Until next time my friends. 
Cheers -

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pacific Northwest. To be continued....

We are now on day five of our travels south down the western coast. Just wanted to share thus far my experiences. 

-Oregon coast is a gem that everyone must see.

-I learned braiding my hair wet was the most fabulous way to wear it. As its protected from the wind Then when  I took it down instantly my hair was done. 

-I've never seen rocks so large. The devils spit was the most amazing thing ever! Watching the sunset there was definitely breath taking and one of the best parts of this trip. Hearing the ocean smack against the rocks will light up your soul.
-My husband is way more adventurous than me. 

-Lululemon is by far the most comfortable clothes to wear for roadtrips.... For days.... Good thing some items are reversible....

-I learned to appreciate clean running toilets. 

-My body is definitely missing eating clean and so am I! I've never been so tired, stomach cramps and just not well. So I'm missing paleo! 

-The Oregon sand dunes are amazing, breath taking and larger than any eye can imagine. The smell there is very earthy and crisp. The wind is very refreshing. And for moments you feel like you can't see when your driving an atv and peek the top.

-I may have to admit I packed more shoes than socks not thinking about hiking for 4 days and not needing "cute stylist clothes"   

-The sound of a sea lion may make your heart stop. I could watch them for hours. 

-For the first time in my life I've seen sea lions, sea outer, and whales out side of the zoo and in their natural habitat. 

-Newport,Or  had an awful smell of freshly filleted fish. But amazing amount of sea lions and clam chowder. (Which I wasn't able to try)

-Along the beaches near the sand dunes you will find a ton of dungranees crabs dead... Or possibly alive. It's been known I made Derek dig one up for me, to find out it was dead. 

-Dreads are popular as you make your way further into Cali 

-Holly macaroni are those redwoods the largest trees I can ever imagine. So magical!

-The roads are very windy. 

-Hiking sucks when you have to come back up a hill instead of down. 

-Jumping creeks, climbing rocks and using our crossfit skills helped us during our hike thru fern canyon. 

-We have stopped at nearly every brewery from Tacoma wa to San Francisco, Ca.  and really enjoyed some great beer.

-Have I ever told you I have a love for pizza too.  But man does it suck the next day when you haven't ate that much cheese in months. 

So far this trip has been marvelous and I can't wait to share more with you on this side of the Golden Gate Bridge.... 

P. S. I promise as soon as I'm on my laptop beautiful pictures will come!!! I've captured every moment!