Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pacific Northwest. To be continued....

We are now on day five of our travels south down the western coast. Just wanted to share thus far my experiences. 

-Oregon coast is a gem that everyone must see.

-I learned braiding my hair wet was the most fabulous way to wear it. As its protected from the wind Then when  I took it down instantly my hair was done. 

-I've never seen rocks so large. The devils spit was the most amazing thing ever! Watching the sunset there was definitely breath taking and one of the best parts of this trip. Hearing the ocean smack against the rocks will light up your soul.
-My husband is way more adventurous than me. 

-Lululemon is by far the most comfortable clothes to wear for roadtrips.... For days.... Good thing some items are reversible....

-I learned to appreciate clean running toilets. 

-My body is definitely missing eating clean and so am I! I've never been so tired, stomach cramps and just not well. So I'm missing paleo! 

-The Oregon sand dunes are amazing, breath taking and larger than any eye can imagine. The smell there is very earthy and crisp. The wind is very refreshing. And for moments you feel like you can't see when your driving an atv and peek the top.

-I may have to admit I packed more shoes than socks not thinking about hiking for 4 days and not needing "cute stylist clothes"   

-The sound of a sea lion may make your heart stop. I could watch them for hours. 

-For the first time in my life I've seen sea lions, sea outer, and whales out side of the zoo and in their natural habitat. 

-Newport,Or  had an awful smell of freshly filleted fish. But amazing amount of sea lions and clam chowder. (Which I wasn't able to try)

-Along the beaches near the sand dunes you will find a ton of dungranees crabs dead... Or possibly alive. It's been known I made Derek dig one up for me, to find out it was dead. 

-Dreads are popular as you make your way further into Cali 

-Holly macaroni are those redwoods the largest trees I can ever imagine. So magical!

-The roads are very windy. 

-Hiking sucks when you have to come back up a hill instead of down. 

-Jumping creeks, climbing rocks and using our crossfit skills helped us during our hike thru fern canyon. 

-We have stopped at nearly every brewery from Tacoma wa to San Francisco, Ca.  and really enjoyed some great beer.

-Have I ever told you I have a love for pizza too.  But man does it suck the next day when you haven't ate that much cheese in months. 

So far this trip has been marvelous and I can't wait to share more with you on this side of the Golden Gate Bridge.... 

P. S. I promise as soon as I'm on my laptop beautiful pictures will come!!! I've captured every moment! 


  1. Looks like my dream trip too! Can't wait to chat when you get home! XOXOXO Vicki

    1. Yes! Can't wait to share more details with you!