Friday, September 13, 2013

Beautiful before and after.

When I originally decided to start a blog it was going to be a focus on hair and beauty and a little about what my life's about. As I look at my post I realize I haven't touched on anything hair related. So as most of your are probably sticking around I  haven't delivered my life in the mirror.
So this week has been a very interesting week as I returned from vacation mid week and jumped right back into thr movin and grovin' of making some ish hair. And boy have I transformed some hair. Check out this amazing before and after.

So with this particular style we used moroccan oil hydrate shampoo and conditioner as this beautiful hair is lacking a bit of moisture. And of course it's my all time favorite shampoo and conditioner. . Great for everyday on most hair types. After our beautiful scalp massage and cleansing. Towel dried. Added a pump or two of moroccan oil treatment oil. Which is also a favorite of the Ish dolls. The treatment oil is super fabulous. Infusing the moroccan oil which is a protein into the cuticle of the hair showcasing lots of shine, reducing frizz, and making hair more manageable. Not like your typical oil that just creates a sheen on the hair. It does alot of work inside the hair transforming into healthy hair you've always wanted.  I dried it with a paddle brush which is going to help remove more of the wave. Styled with a cone iron to create this soft beach wave. And fabulous. Beautiful shoulder length hair. It's a change in season. What kind of changes have you made in your hair? Change your wardrobe, change your hair! 

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