Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Couples Halloween Costume

So every year Derek's work has a huge Halloween bash... only problem with that is typically it falls when we are out of town, or something and we haven't actually been able to go.. It has been a few years since we have dressed up I think the last time was a last minute run to the store buy some cheap costume that is probably falling apart already and spending $100. This year we were able to plan a little more in advance and I could use my creativity to come up with something good.  As I sat here and thought what shall our theme be? something funny? something cute? something original? or something about us as a couple. My first thought was Ken and Barbie as Derek always gets greif about being the ken doll around the office with always perfect hair, a tan and bright fashion forward clothing I wasn't up for being Barbie. So I keep thinking I want this to be funny but something us. and as you all know we are fitness GURU's so what better costume than Richard Simmons and his aerobic girl. Nothing shall be better! So am I started planning this I Facebooked all my friends and remember one of my girlfriend's here in Washington had quite the stash of her mothers 80's aerobic attire. With that being said I had plenty to choose from. I ran to Wal-Mart searched the clearance for some sort of tank top for Derek and found the perfect grey tank in the women's section for $2. Then found some "Scrunchy" socks raided my workout drawer found a pair of shorts that fit him. and I bedazzled his shirt with super glue, sequins, and rhinestones of "SWEAT" and we were all set. Ran to the party store and purchased a crazy afro wig. trimmed some areas for some chest hair in which I glued on with some lash glue I had floating around. this is what our outcome was. Total cost: $22!

Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY Mesh Halloween Wreath

I just wanted to share with you all my latest and greatest project i created...... a Mesh Wreth i have been wanting to make one of these for quite sometime but aagain finding time has been difficult.  Now that its fall and the weather is starting to turn dark, floggy and gloomy my crafting skills and creatitivity have really been showing its face lately in the Kingsbury's resident.
And I truly felt this turned out too good to not share.
Wire Wreath
1 roll of orange mesh ribbon
1 roll of purple mesh ribbon
1 roll of Halloween polka dot ribbon
1 package black pipe cleaners
Wooden spider
Black, purple and orange paint for spider
A few sparkly jewels for décor (I added leaves and sparkle balls I got these from Michael's)
*ALL items were purchased at Hobby Lobby
First step
Unwind ribbon and lay out all your supplies
Second step
place pipe cleaners on metal wreath frame on the inside, middle and outside rings. Not placing them too tight.
Now, take your first color of deco mesh and secure one end to the pipe cleaner. Then create a loop by securing it about 8 inches down to the next pipe cleaner. Intertwining from inside to outside of the pipe cleaners while staying only on top of wreath.
*I had to redo this part as I forgot I had purple so I don't have a picture of this step
Next take your second color and going over the TOP of orange in the opposite direction kinda like making an x.
Then add your ribbon in the areas that are kinda missing ribbon creating a focal point on the wreath be sure to not have too much tension.
Next I added in my jewels my wiring them in with the pipe cleaners
after your spider has dried wire him into your wreath I placed mine where all the ends met.
Fluff a little and now you just created a beautiful Halloween wreath.
I hadn't intended on doing a DIY project so I don't have pictures of all the steps but hope this helps you make your beautiful wreath.
Happy Halloween!
So I kinda feel like making two blog posts in one day is a little much considering I went for like a whole month without one single post. But life has been so busy and I've been creating so many DIY projects that blogging hasn't really been on my mind. But as said last week I have a lot to talk about. But really quickly I just wanted to share with you. Derek and I had our MP Ball this weekend. It was lots of fun! The best part about this ball wasn't just about spending time with our friends and acquaintances. but the fact of the once in a life experience we had.... My beautiful sister in law and her lovely husband had a ball on the same night.. same time... same location just another level at the convention center. So basically we went to the ball together. Pre-party/ball time/ After party. It was so much fun and so special to just get photos together and be able to spend this time together crashing each others balls.  I just wanted to share these photos with you all so you can continue to follow our fun and exciting life together... madly deeply in love. Cheers!

Steak Fajitas

This is one of my favorite Paleo recipes and I keep forgetting to post it. Its something I typically will cook when we have guest over and I wanna keep it pretty paleo and like who really doesn't like Fajitas? I've also used the marinate for chicken as well.. For all of my peeps out there that have been dying for this recipe... its all yours!
This recipe can be found in the Make it Paleo Coookbook its one of my favorite books. Ive also tweaked the recipe a bit to my flavoring and that's what I'm sharing with you. Also teaches a great deal about Paleo and clean eating
So here it is..
Steak Fajitas
1 lb skirt steak (I've been known to use Sirloin)
1 Tbsp Olive oil
1 red pepper thinly sliced
1 yellow onion
Baby Bella Mushrooms
1 red onion thinly sliced
1 tsp of salt, pepper and southwest chipotle seasoning

2 Tbsp olive oil
Juice of 1.5 limes
1tsp salt, pepper and southwest chipotle seasoning
4 garlic cloves minced

This is what you do:
place steak in a gallon zip lock bag set aside
In mall mixing bowl whisk  together marinate mixture
pour over steak in zip lock bag seal and toss gently
place in refrigerator overnight or for several hours
preheat grill 500 degrees
remove steak from fridge and bring to room temp.
grill steak 3-4 mins per side time varies depending on how well you like it done. this works great for me coming out Medium/ medium rare. let sit 5 mins then cut into thin strips
heat olive oil on med heat in cast iron skillet
add veggies and seasonings and sauté until onions and peppers are softened a bit. remove from heat
turn oven on broil raise rack and place veggies under broiler until veggies start to get crispy about 4 minutes. take out of oven
serve steak with veggies on top with a side of Guacamole.

My favorite simple easy homemade gauc.
2 avocados ripped, pit and mash in small bowl
add on package of McCormick's spicy guacamole dip
serve chilled.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Keratin smoothing treatment aka: Keratin complex

So it's been quite awhile since I have blogged. I have had so much going on lately I don't know where to begin or where to finish. I do know soon I will be posting some amazing DIY because fall time always makes me get a little more creative as that's when the rain comes misting down. So stay focused and look for some amazingness soon!

So it's been on my mind a lot lately to blog about some hair stuff. And the keratin blowouts have been a huge topic around my chair. Which is right for you... What the difference is... Is it really worth it and is going to harm you or the ones around you. So many questions. Here are my thoughts in a nutshell. 
First I wanna say before I made the full decision to start doing these treatments I did lots of research on deciding if this was something I really wanted to do. I have now been certified for doing keratin complex smoothing treatments for almost three years and nothing would I change about choosing this company vs any other. After all it is the #1 leading smoothing treatment on the market that does not contain Formaldahyde or form of. I also did an extent research on this product prior to purchase as there was some major issues within the salon with the other girls not wanting me to perform it. So this is what I've learned. 
So you ask what is the difference and what's the hype about? 
It's different than any other service. The more you treat your hair the better it is. Therefore the more you do it the more protein is infused into your hair. Protein is the building blocks of your hair. Therefore it's going to make your hair silkier softer and more manageable. Your now going to have the perfect hair you've always wanted. It's great for all hair types especially chemically treated hair. (Aka color treated) Where your hair has been damaged it's going to make it stronger but infusing those proteins. With this being said it will be stronger so not only is it more manageable but it's going to prevent your hair color from fading. It's humidity resistant so when you go out into this misty Washington rain your hair isn't going to be a huge frizz ball. Or you take a mid year vacation to Mexico spend all that time smoothing it and then go out into the heat and it remains smooth cause it's humidity resistant. 

So what does it really do? 
It's infusing the specially formulated natural keratin into the inner layers of the cuticle reducing unruly curl and frizz. It's going to lock out the humidity. The keratin is bonded to the cuticle with a flat iron that's going to make this treatment last. No worries about color fading you can get this treatment directly after a color service and it's going to make your color last longer than it ever has. 
What's the difference in a blowout and treatment? 
The blow out takes half the time and doesn't penetrate as deep in the cuticle so it's only going to last up to six weeks and can be washed eight hours later. As the for the keratin treatment is going to go deep inside that cuticle and create smoothness up to five months with no shapooing for 3 days. It's truly the most amazing thing ever! After a treatment or blowout your hair can not be placed in a pony tail, tucked behind ears or anything with a crease. 
So after the treatment fades what will happen? 
Your hair will just go back to normal. But like said before the more you treat it he better it is and the longer it will last. It's also highly recommended to use at home care keratin complex shampoo and conditioner to extend the life of your treatment/blow out. If you run out sulfate free is always a good option as well. 
All I can say thus far in regards to Brazilian blowout is that it has been three years since I have done research on this company and the products they carry. The one thing I do know that strikes my mind a bit is that it's only available in certain states and that to me is kinda weird and leaves a funny feeling in my belly. But like I said I haven't looked up what they have changed to make it better from the past. I know people who perform it and have recieved the service and all is good. I just know it's not the company for me. Stay tuned as I'm starting new reseach on the new product. 
Now with this being said what are you waiting for? Time to get silky shiny frizz free hair!