Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY Mesh Halloween Wreath

I just wanted to share with you all my latest and greatest project i created...... a Mesh Wreth i have been wanting to make one of these for quite sometime but aagain finding time has been difficult.  Now that its fall and the weather is starting to turn dark, floggy and gloomy my crafting skills and creatitivity have really been showing its face lately in the Kingsbury's resident.
And I truly felt this turned out too good to not share.
Wire Wreath
1 roll of orange mesh ribbon
1 roll of purple mesh ribbon
1 roll of Halloween polka dot ribbon
1 package black pipe cleaners
Wooden spider
Black, purple and orange paint for spider
A few sparkly jewels for d├ęcor (I added leaves and sparkle balls I got these from Michael's)
*ALL items were purchased at Hobby Lobby
First step
Unwind ribbon and lay out all your supplies
Second step
place pipe cleaners on metal wreath frame on the inside, middle and outside rings. Not placing them too tight.
Now, take your first color of deco mesh and secure one end to the pipe cleaner. Then create a loop by securing it about 8 inches down to the next pipe cleaner. Intertwining from inside to outside of the pipe cleaners while staying only on top of wreath.
*I had to redo this part as I forgot I had purple so I don't have a picture of this step
Next take your second color and going over the TOP of orange in the opposite direction kinda like making an x.
Then add your ribbon in the areas that are kinda missing ribbon creating a focal point on the wreath be sure to not have too much tension.
Next I added in my jewels my wiring them in with the pipe cleaners
after your spider has dried wire him into your wreath I placed mine where all the ends met.
Fluff a little and now you just created a beautiful Halloween wreath.
I hadn't intended on doing a DIY project so I don't have pictures of all the steps but hope this helps you make your beautiful wreath.
Happy Halloween!

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