Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Couples Halloween Costume

So every year Derek's work has a huge Halloween bash... only problem with that is typically it falls when we are out of town, or something and we haven't actually been able to go.. It has been a few years since we have dressed up I think the last time was a last minute run to the store buy some cheap costume that is probably falling apart already and spending $100. This year we were able to plan a little more in advance and I could use my creativity to come up with something good.  As I sat here and thought what shall our theme be? something funny? something cute? something original? or something about us as a couple. My first thought was Ken and Barbie as Derek always gets greif about being the ken doll around the office with always perfect hair, a tan and bright fashion forward clothing I wasn't up for being Barbie. So I keep thinking I want this to be funny but something us. and as you all know we are fitness GURU's so what better costume than Richard Simmons and his aerobic girl. Nothing shall be better! So am I started planning this I Facebooked all my friends and remember one of my girlfriend's here in Washington had quite the stash of her mothers 80's aerobic attire. With that being said I had plenty to choose from. I ran to Wal-Mart searched the clearance for some sort of tank top for Derek and found the perfect grey tank in the women's section for $2. Then found some "Scrunchy" socks raided my workout drawer found a pair of shorts that fit him. and I bedazzled his shirt with super glue, sequins, and rhinestones of "SWEAT" and we were all set. Ran to the party store and purchased a crazy afro wig. trimmed some areas for some chest hair in which I glued on with some lash glue I had floating around. this is what our outcome was. Total cost: $22!

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