Monday, October 21, 2013

So I kinda feel like making two blog posts in one day is a little much considering I went for like a whole month without one single post. But life has been so busy and I've been creating so many DIY projects that blogging hasn't really been on my mind. But as said last week I have a lot to talk about. But really quickly I just wanted to share with you. Derek and I had our MP Ball this weekend. It was lots of fun! The best part about this ball wasn't just about spending time with our friends and acquaintances. but the fact of the once in a life experience we had.... My beautiful sister in law and her lovely husband had a ball on the same night.. same time... same location just another level at the convention center. So basically we went to the ball together. Pre-party/ball time/ After party. It was so much fun and so special to just get photos together and be able to spend this time together crashing each others balls.  I just wanted to share these photos with you all so you can continue to follow our fun and exciting life together... madly deeply in love. Cheers!

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