Friday, December 27, 2013

Hair inspiration

New year. New you. Wanting to send out some positive inspiration. What's your favorite look below? 

Yes! Saving the best transformation for last. I am amazed at the abilities I have with haircolor and ashamed to say pictures do NO justice on hair. With natural light and a raw eye no camera can truely capture the real deal..... 
A bit about this client she was naturally a medium brown that always pulled red tones when lightened.  She defiantly has some of the most beautiful hair I've ever seen. Long, healthy, wavy, thick what more could you ask for???  We had done all over highlight which was beautiful but she wanted more and wanted to be solid all over.  Unfortunately my schedule at the time was unable to accommodate her when needed so she seeker out and got it done by another stylist outside of salon ish. She came to me in tears not knowing what to do with yellow, orange and every unwated tones a platium blonde wanted. We color balanced her and brought her to a light blonde with platium highlights that were pure beautiful and still remaining healthy. I knew once I started I wasn't giving up till it was perfect. Hours later this is the results and I think it's pretty awesome! 

Your stylist 

Christmas cheer

I hope each and everyone of you truely had an amazing Christmas! And truely celebrated Jesus birthday! Wooohoooo! As you know I traveled to Missouri mid December for my little sisters graduation so we decided to celebrate early while I was home. I arrived back to Washington a week before Christmas and created lots of magical Christmas hair while crunching to do some last minute shopping. (While lesrning my husband is worse than I am about shopping for others and not ourselves... ) it was nice to actually wake up in the comfort of our own home on Christmas morning and open our presents from one another. Shortly after that we packed up and headed to the Coulters (Derek's moms side of the family) where it was the big Christmas party. Brunch. Presents. Laughter. Games. And adult beverages filled thr room. The day was just perfect. Everyone loved all their gifts while loving spending time around the table playing board games. 

We still have one more Christmas celebration with Derek's dad and we are truely looking forward to exchanging gifts and coloring in the yearly Christmas coloring book.
I am really thankful that we both have such amazing families! What special Christmas tradition does your family do during the holidays?

This is what Christmas looked like at the Kingsbury household. 

For part of the staff at the office I decided to make a few special treats. I think they turned out great will definately be doig this again next year. 
Recipe: white chex mix 
2c honey chex cereal 
1c mini pretzels 
1c Christmas m & m's 
1 package white chocolate. 
Double broiler highly recommended to melt wax our over mixture slight swirl lay out flat on wax paper sprinkle with Christmas sprinkles and let cool I made about 3 batches for our jars. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lil sis is a RN-BSN

We really enjoyed our Christmas this year with my traveling to Missouri earlier in the month to celebrate my baby sister, Alicia's graduation from nursing school! Seems so crazy she's now a RN-BSN time sure flies by but man am I so proud of her for all of her accomplishments.
College roomies 
Hometown besties 

The besties plus dad and I. 

 Her graduation was beautiful and as some of you may know I threw her a grad bash which was a fun hit. She was really amazed at all little things I did to make it a little more special. Thanks to Pinterest for all the inspiration. Here is a peek of the party. 

The cousins! 
As you can tell it was a huge success and lots of fun! Can't wait to watch Alicia grow into a fabulous nurse and the road life leads her down. This is one proud sister! 

Happy day! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Barbells for boobs

::Crossfit 138::

 A bit behind on this post as I should've posted it in October the month for breast cancer awareness but we all know how I lose track of time and am not so great at this blog thing. But I wanted to share with you all I have been fundraising for barbells for boobs a non profit organization providing mammograms for those who can't afford health insurance or need assistance and keeping their ta-tas in check. This program is a crossfit program that will have you flat on your back in the end. It's called: 
Helen meets grace 
3 rounds for time 
400 m run 
21kb swings @ 35lbs 
12 pull ups
Then after completed 
30 clean and jerks prescribed weight 95 lbs but that was a little much for me so I did 75lb
And then your done. 

It was fun knowing I was fighting thru this workout for a reason to not give up. Thankfully I had an amazing partner to push me thru this wod. Recently I was contacted that I met my minimum required amount of donations to provide at least one mammogram but I also had amazing family and friends that supported me and I placed 2nd at raising the most amount of funds at my gym. Can't wait till next year to raise more for this awesome charity event.

The girls 

Check out my update page and story of my fitness journey

Friday, December 13, 2013

crockpot Chicken chilli

Looking for a warm winter comfort food. This is one of my favorite soups. It's healthy but not paleo. Add the following ingredients with chicken breasts in the crockpot Put on low all day shred chicken and your done! Dinner is served.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

So thankful

Somehow I missed out on posting much the last month or so. We have been pretty busy with Derek traveling to Missouri for some army training in Missouri. While I was here being busy behind my chair preparing everyone's locks for the holiday.  But I want everyone to know exactly how thankful I am and I don't want that to go unheard here on my blog. This year I am thankful for many things. 
I am very thankful for my husband Derek, he is the light in my eye and brightens my days in more ways than just one. I can't imagine what this life would ever be like without him by my side everyday. I am so thankful to for all the sacrifices he makes to give us all our freedom. I am also very thankful for my family. I realize everyday that the bond I share with my family and Derek's is very special and unique and not all people get to experience this amazingness. I am thankful to live here in Washington and have the ability to get to know this area where Derek was raised and be close to the family to hang out and enjoy each other. In more ways that one salon ish has truely changed my life! This is by far the most amazing group of women I have worked with and the bond between each other is so amazing. Don't get me wrong all the salons I have works at carry a special memory with me and I've enjoyed each of them. But this one has been so special. From day one I really had to push my way thru to snag this job and I am so thankful that I did what I had to do to become an ish doll. It saddens my heart to know that someday I will have to move on with this army lifestyle but let's not think about that till then. I could go on and on about the things I am thankful for but don't wanna bore you too much! But with a last line I am most thankful for the life that god has created for me and the blessings I receive everyday. 
Happy holidays!! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Paleo chilli

With the cold weather upon us it always makes it hard to stick to good eating habits and comfort foods tend to take over my mind and body. Although after eating clean for the last year and really focusing on eliminating dairy, beans and carbs now when I have them it does a toll on my body. I have been craving chilli so I made a real traditional dish a few weeks ago and was sick for nearly two days with a bloated stomach and pains I have never experienced before. And now I've been craving it again but can't put those beans in my belly as I can't deal with that feeling. So I pulled out my favorite paleo cookbook and found a great recipe that was too good to not share with you all. I tweaked it a bit so this is what I came up with:
(Photo is prior to be completely cooked) 

Paleo no bean chilli 
1 yellow onion chopped 
2 green peppers chopped 
1 fist of garlic peeled and chopped 
2tbsp coconut oil 
3-4lb roast diced (I used stew meat) 
1tbsp paprika 
2 tsp cumin 
1tsp chipotle 
1tsp salt m1tsp pepper m6 oz tomato paste 
30 oz fire roasted tomatoes 
1 cup water 

Add one tbsp coconut oil to iron skillet. Cook onions till translucent remove and add to crockpot 
Add green peppers to skillet cook tong enough to brown them a bit. Add to crockpot 
Then add 1 tbsp coconut oil to skillet once hot add cubed meat. Lightly brown and seat the edges 
Add to mixture in crockpot 
Next add seasonings, cup of water tomato paste and fire roasted tomatos. Mix all ingredients really well. Place on low for 3-5 hours. 
And dinner is served. I've been told this type of chili is amazing over a sweet potato but didn't have time to prepare. Really enjoyed this dish. Now your turn... Tell me what you think. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Couples Halloween Costume

So every year Derek's work has a huge Halloween bash... only problem with that is typically it falls when we are out of town, or something and we haven't actually been able to go.. It has been a few years since we have dressed up I think the last time was a last minute run to the store buy some cheap costume that is probably falling apart already and spending $100. This year we were able to plan a little more in advance and I could use my creativity to come up with something good.  As I sat here and thought what shall our theme be? something funny? something cute? something original? or something about us as a couple. My first thought was Ken and Barbie as Derek always gets greif about being the ken doll around the office with always perfect hair, a tan and bright fashion forward clothing I wasn't up for being Barbie. So I keep thinking I want this to be funny but something us. and as you all know we are fitness GURU's so what better costume than Richard Simmons and his aerobic girl. Nothing shall be better! So am I started planning this I Facebooked all my friends and remember one of my girlfriend's here in Washington had quite the stash of her mothers 80's aerobic attire. With that being said I had plenty to choose from. I ran to Wal-Mart searched the clearance for some sort of tank top for Derek and found the perfect grey tank in the women's section for $2. Then found some "Scrunchy" socks raided my workout drawer found a pair of shorts that fit him. and I bedazzled his shirt with super glue, sequins, and rhinestones of "SWEAT" and we were all set. Ran to the party store and purchased a crazy afro wig. trimmed some areas for some chest hair in which I glued on with some lash glue I had floating around. this is what our outcome was. Total cost: $22!

Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY Mesh Halloween Wreath

I just wanted to share with you all my latest and greatest project i created...... a Mesh Wreth i have been wanting to make one of these for quite sometime but aagain finding time has been difficult.  Now that its fall and the weather is starting to turn dark, floggy and gloomy my crafting skills and creatitivity have really been showing its face lately in the Kingsbury's resident.
And I truly felt this turned out too good to not share.
Wire Wreath
1 roll of orange mesh ribbon
1 roll of purple mesh ribbon
1 roll of Halloween polka dot ribbon
1 package black pipe cleaners
Wooden spider
Black, purple and orange paint for spider
A few sparkly jewels for d├ęcor (I added leaves and sparkle balls I got these from Michael's)
*ALL items were purchased at Hobby Lobby
First step
Unwind ribbon and lay out all your supplies
Second step
place pipe cleaners on metal wreath frame on the inside, middle and outside rings. Not placing them too tight.
Now, take your first color of deco mesh and secure one end to the pipe cleaner. Then create a loop by securing it about 8 inches down to the next pipe cleaner. Intertwining from inside to outside of the pipe cleaners while staying only on top of wreath.
*I had to redo this part as I forgot I had purple so I don't have a picture of this step
Next take your second color and going over the TOP of orange in the opposite direction kinda like making an x.
Then add your ribbon in the areas that are kinda missing ribbon creating a focal point on the wreath be sure to not have too much tension.
Next I added in my jewels my wiring them in with the pipe cleaners
after your spider has dried wire him into your wreath I placed mine where all the ends met.
Fluff a little and now you just created a beautiful Halloween wreath.
I hadn't intended on doing a DIY project so I don't have pictures of all the steps but hope this helps you make your beautiful wreath.
Happy Halloween!
So I kinda feel like making two blog posts in one day is a little much considering I went for like a whole month without one single post. But life has been so busy and I've been creating so many DIY projects that blogging hasn't really been on my mind. But as said last week I have a lot to talk about. But really quickly I just wanted to share with you. Derek and I had our MP Ball this weekend. It was lots of fun! The best part about this ball wasn't just about spending time with our friends and acquaintances. but the fact of the once in a life experience we had.... My beautiful sister in law and her lovely husband had a ball on the same night.. same time... same location just another level at the convention center. So basically we went to the ball together. Pre-party/ball time/ After party. It was so much fun and so special to just get photos together and be able to spend this time together crashing each others balls.  I just wanted to share these photos with you all so you can continue to follow our fun and exciting life together... madly deeply in love. Cheers!