Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Barbells for boobs

::Crossfit 138::

 A bit behind on this post as I should've posted it in October the month for breast cancer awareness but we all know how I lose track of time and am not so great at this blog thing. But I wanted to share with you all I have been fundraising for barbells for boobs a non profit organization providing mammograms for those who can't afford health insurance or need assistance and keeping their ta-tas in check. This program is a crossfit program that will have you flat on your back in the end. It's called: 
Helen meets grace 
3 rounds for time 
400 m run 
21kb swings @ 35lbs 
12 pull ups
Then after completed 
30 clean and jerks prescribed weight 95 lbs but that was a little much for me so I did 75lb
And then your done. 

It was fun knowing I was fighting thru this workout for a reason to not give up. Thankfully I had an amazing partner to push me thru this wod. Recently I was contacted that I met my minimum required amount of donations to provide at least one mammogram but I also had amazing family and friends that supported me and I placed 2nd at raising the most amount of funds at my gym. Can't wait till next year to raise more for this awesome charity event.

The girls 

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