Friday, December 27, 2013

Hair inspiration

New year. New you. Wanting to send out some positive inspiration. What's your favorite look below? 

Yes! Saving the best transformation for last. I am amazed at the abilities I have with haircolor and ashamed to say pictures do NO justice on hair. With natural light and a raw eye no camera can truely capture the real deal..... 
A bit about this client she was naturally a medium brown that always pulled red tones when lightened.  She defiantly has some of the most beautiful hair I've ever seen. Long, healthy, wavy, thick what more could you ask for???  We had done all over highlight which was beautiful but she wanted more and wanted to be solid all over.  Unfortunately my schedule at the time was unable to accommodate her when needed so she seeker out and got it done by another stylist outside of salon ish. She came to me in tears not knowing what to do with yellow, orange and every unwated tones a platium blonde wanted. We color balanced her and brought her to a light blonde with platium highlights that were pure beautiful and still remaining healthy. I knew once I started I wasn't giving up till it was perfect. Hours later this is the results and I think it's pretty awesome! 

Your stylist 

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