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Missouri Baby shower.

This blog is a little late but after arriving home from Missouri and heading straight back to work like a crazy lady all while finishing up some nursery projects,  completing this blog just got pushed behind. 
Traveling home mid June was so amazing. It was definately a different type of travel being 7 months pregnant but it was fun. After a long 5 hour flight, many pee breaks and trying to get ahead on my latest read, "baby wise" I landed in St. Louis where I was greeted by my sister Alicia. We then headed to pick up my dad and spend time with the my grandpa bob and aunt kimball. Lots of fun turned into a late night of chatting and belly rubs by auntie Alicia and an early morning riser for this momma with a two hour time difference.  We visited with my dad while taking him into work the  next morning. 

Now off to Dixon to see the rest of the family and meet my new furry nephew, vice. 
Feeling a bit tired I had to prepare for my first baby shower in Springfield, Mo with all of my beautiful Details Salon girls. The friendships I have kept with these girls are so amazing. Working with them the beginning stages of my career and building these bonds is one of the most special parts of my career and the fact that I have moved all over and our friendships have only gotten stronger since I've been gone.  It's  always great to get back together, sit back and chat about our fun times. With Springfield being 2 hours from my hometown it was so nice of them to throw a shower for me there. 

Thanks to my nail tech bestie, Vicki for making this shower a true success and unforgettable fun night. It wasn't  just a traditional baby shower.... It was a shower of doing things we love, the way we had spent many nights when I lived there, creating projects for all the soon to be babies or just having a girls night in crafting! Showering baby k with lots of love and lots of crafting activities for everyone to participate in making items for her nursery. We had an amazing buffet of food as well. 
3 Crafting Stations: 
Free flowing polkadot baby Mobil. 
Hair bow fabric holder 
A scrap booked dahlia 
They all were amazing and we almost got them all completed. It was fun making these items while catching up on life and baby talk. The beautiful cupcakes were to DIE for! 
The evening was a true success and I couldn't had asked for anything better. Love all my girls! 
Hostess and momma to be. And my second mom. The one who is always there for guidance and support when I need it the most. 

Mandi Jean and I. Our wonderful receptionist. Plus I've know this little one since nearly birth. Got her her first big girl job at Details when she moved to Springfield to attend MSU. 

Too many things to say about, Candace. My work pal, my right hand girl, the one that was always up for a good time or bad, the most craziest memories are shared with this beauty. 

My beauty Leah, who couldn't be more excited for baby k. From staying up all night listening to country music, or being super spontaneous we always had something to do. She was my room mate unexpectantly for about 6 months and boy was that fun! Love her to the moon and back. 
Val and I have always been great stylist friends and now excited we are due only a few days apart. So excited for our little misses to meet and become just the best of friends like Val and I. They will grow up to be pen pals without a choice. :-) 
The girls. 
My favorite. My mom and sister! 
The bunch showcasing our beautiful crafted items. 

So much fun then to a late night traveling back home to Dixon. The following day turned out to be very nice so Alicia and I decided to catch up on some sister time, sunshine, girl talk, baby kicks and relaxation by the pool. I also got my Mexican fix at el jimadors and if any if you know me this is the BEST Mexican ever and it was just what I need. Yeah pretty sure I ate there 3 times in 7 days. But it was worth it baby k thought so too! We also spent a day floating down the river. Some may say I'm crazy but it's my happy point in life. I can't imagine a summer not on the river. It was fun I enjoyed the day with my sisters besties and my mom, I was super sad none of my girlfriends were able to attend. :( but it turned out to be a very fun day rather a bit different not having the ability to drink a beer but it was fun.  No need for alcohol to have fun! 

Later during the week we had a cousins day where we helped Alicia with a few last minute details ofthe  baby shower she would be throwing for me. It was a fun filled day of crafts that the girls really enjoyed.  Reminded me of when I was a child and my mom had a craft day with us. And these are one of the many things I look forward to as a mother, A crafting day with my daughter. 

And of course some hair time fun! 

Now for baby k's family and closest friends and family shower in Dixon.... These are my peeps I've spent my entire life with... There isn't a thing about me they don't know. It was super fun to spend my afternoon with all of them but I will say the day went by way too fast! 
Homemade cake made my my bestie. 

Thanks to my beautiful amazing sister, Alicia for putting so much time, effort and I'm sure hours on Pinterest with all the amazing decor and games and for traveling all the way from Georgia just to throw this shower and spend time with me. It was absolutely beautiful and makes me get all teary eyed thinking about what all she did for me. And a huge thanks to her right hand girls my mom, Cathy for helping Alicia gather all the items. My cousin but more like a big sister, Shannon for allowing us to take over her home and my best friend rachelle for helping out and traveling all the way from Colorado just to be a part of this special day.  So many details were placed in the home to make it perfect. 

We had a headband station where each person crafted together a beautiful headband for baby k. 

A diaper station: 

We chatted, hung out ate some amazing food and punch that I didn't wanna share! A trivia game was played my little cousin sure did keep track of everything I was saying as little Courtney was a winner. As well as my cousin Amanda from Indiana. Then off to the yard for the funniest game of all. The relay race! Everyone should play this at a shower it was so funny so cute and probably even more fun to just watch. There were 3 teams of 4 people, 
Player #1 drink an entire baby bottle filled with water. 

Player #2 eat a jar of baby food (we thought they were good flavored but I guess not so) 

Player #3 a diaper is lined with siran wrap, you must eat all the chocolate pudding out of the diaper. 

Player #4 place a balloon under your shirt. With a golf ball between your legs hop down the yard and drop ball in jar. 

Team to complete first is the winner! Such a fun game! 
I recieved many amazing gifts, gift cards to bring home to purchase the items we need! I by far have the  most amazing family and friends a girl couple ask for and I am truely blessed with all god has given me.
: Best Friends :
: Cousins: Amanda and her boys traveled all the way from Indiana just to attend our baby shower. So happy I got to see them! 
:Bestest: these ladies know it all! Ups and downs ins and outs of life. We have known each other our entire life! Some since before Kindergarden. I am truely blessed I have such a great but also, known as rare friendship with these ladies. So excited to be the next one to have a baby! 
Carrie and I share so many memories together. This girl is one of thr most amazing mommas I know and can't wait to recieve some of her guidance during the next chapter of my life. Hopefully I become half the mother she is. 

 Now to just meet this little girls with one shower left here in Washington we will be all ready for baby k. 

One last important stop before I was airport bound to visit with my buddy Brad. I know he would've been just so proud of where it am in life. And just so excited to meet this little girl. I know he is with me all the time. I just miss him here on earth. Someday we will reunite again. It was nice having a little visit with him. 

As you've read thru this blog post you can see how busy and exhausting but fun my visit to Missouri was. Now I'm back and just preparing the nursery for our little miss to arrive. Be on the lookout for nursery picture, lots of  DIY projects coming soon. 


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