Sunday, February 9, 2014

Baby Kingsbury coming soon!

Welcome Baby K!

I wanted to share with you all the exciting news that we are so beyond excited to announce! The moment you all have been dreaming for... We are expecting Baby Kingsbury August 2014. Words cant truly express exactly how I feel and this magical feeling that has completely taken over my mind, soul and I guess you can say body... I knew you all would be dying to know how it happened (or shall I say how I discovered this little baby) and I'm going to give you every dropping detail...because we all know that's how I am and for the fact for those non-mothers out there I didn't know for the longest time because I didn't know pregnancy symptom's. Its funny how everyone talks about being pregnant and being so many weeks along but yet forget sometimes to share the symptom's and well I'm going to share with you so maybe you will know sooner than I did.

Our Story:

For the last several weeks I had been so tired, working out seemed so hard and I really had to push myself harder than ever to just complete a workout. I wasn't sure what was wrong with me besides I had came down with a cold and when my immunity is down it always takes a toll on my endurance so I just kept thinking hopefully I'm back to normal soon. I would get home from work and be so tired, but thought its winter and gloomy, rainy I need vitamin D and will be better. But it never seemed to go away.  My boobs were really achy and sore to the touch but I should be starting my period any day. I mean they are never sore but maybe my body is going thru a change (little did I know it was going thru a BIG change) I even considered going to the dr cause it was so un-normal and my bras seemed to be a little more snug. But Ms. Flow should be arrive any day and I have been having cramps like a teenager.
January 31,2013: Derek and I had been wanting to go snow shoeing for some time now but either never got an opportunity to go, or the place we chose didn't have enough snow to go chucking up a mountain in snow shoes. We headed up to Mt. Rainier and enjoyed the day hiking the mountain little did I know it was my first time and Derek took me straight up the mountain! It was quite the experience.... or shall I say workout... every few steps I had to take a break while thinking 'MAN I am SO out of shape, new year new me and I'm hitting the gym hard after this cause I am about to die right now" as we hiked to the top the fog began to roll in and here I was about to have a panic attack and couldn't see the bottom.... bottom wait.. when I turned around I couldn't even see the bottom all these thoughts began to fill my head and the panic really started to kick in. So we turned around and I thought it was hard going up jeeze going down was just as tough. While up in the mountain we enjoyed our Sub sandwiches, almonds and water and off to the bottom we went. Finally when arriving at our car I was so tired and really didn't feel well. I began thinking its the sub sandwich after all I have gotten food poisoning from them before oh no.... as we arrived home all I wanted to do was go to bed cause I was so tired from that amazing adventure while Derek wanted to go out to dinner for new years. (we never go out in 6 years we have always stayed home) but I thought to myself I'm not going to be a sour sport so I got ready to go to the Cheesecake Factory in which I was a little excited cause I haven't been there in years and I needed a splurge before hitting this clean diet and working out hardcore starting JAN 1. While arriving we had quite the wait I was just not feeling well and was so tired. We had dinner and after dinner I was so sick I overstuffed myself and that food was a little rich. We came home and was in bed before midnight:( I just couldn't keep my eyes open.)

Jan 1, 2014: Happy new Years! I just know this year is going to be great I woke up feeling tired still and just really nausea and the thought of Cheesecake Factory made me wanna vomit. I was never eating that rich food again it has been years since I ate there and will be years till I go back... I spent the day being lazy enjoying being home with Derek and just not feeling well
Jan 2, 2014: I was back into action at work and still feeling very nausea what is wrong with me? Surely I'm not still sick from that food.. It should be well out of my system. I was chatting with my Ish dolls when it was brought to my attention, didn't you say you were a few days late for your period? Yeah its been about a week now but I'm always a few days late since being off my birth control. and I've only been off of it for about 3 1/2 months surely I'm not pregnant.  Plus I've been having cramps so bad I feel like I'm a teenager again and BTW have you seen my acne face? I have to be starting soon. Then it was, didn't you say your boobs are sore, and you've had a hard time wod'ing and so tired and you've been craving junk food??? Hmmmm.... Got my brain spinning. If I would've agreed right then to taking a pregnancy test someone would of had me one waiting in the bathroom. So now I'm thinking.... well everyone says when you know you know, well I don't know so I'm not pregnant. Meanwhile I was still thinking.... MAYBE.  I called my sister, Alicia who is a RN-BSN and starting talking to her about it and she said Jessica! Seriously you are pregnant go get a test! when she told me that it kinda hit me, if she thinks this and everyone else does could it be true? I came home that night and told Derek there was a possibility after all it would've been the only time in 3 months we have been together at the RIGHT time for this baby making to work.... he didn't really think it could be so . and kept saying tomorrow is your big day and we have big plans just wait till after your birthday.
January 3, 2014: Was a pretty special day. I mean I turned Thirty!! That's right 3-0.. Holly Cow am I really that old?!? I woke up to breakfast in bed the smell of the eggs almost made me vomit and I'm not sure I have ever felt this sick. it was a sickness I have never felt.  It didn't feel like I was hung over, it didn't feel like I had caught the flu, it didn't feel like my stomach was just empty. Its almost an indescribable feeling. I made myself get out of bed and get to the gym.. (I cant be making excuses its a new year and I have a plan) I  went to the gym with Derek and inbetween each set I wanted to puke! Finally we were done and on the way I ran into the PX and got a pregnancy test.
 Let me just tell you about that, First off NEVER in my life have I purchased a pregnancy test. I felt like a teenager looking at condoms hoping no one sees me and that if my parents find out I'm going to be in so much trouble... I checked my surroundings to be sure I didn't know anyone around me (kinda felt like a was at FLW and I knew so many people when I only know a handful of people here at JBLM) and then there were different brands, and different prices and instantly First Response was one I've seen on TV so I got it.. stuck in under my arm so no one could see and rushed to the shortest line. still hiding it under my arm I finally got to the cashier paid as quickly as I could. man I was so nervous! and the cashier says, "Ma'am would you like a bag for this?" Seriously?!? What the? Seriously? She just asked me for a bag like I wanna carry this test out and announce to the whole world im really unsure about this . I respond, "Yes ma'am, can you actually double bag it?" and out the door I went. We get home and Derek is anxiously awaiting me to take the test and I keep procrastinating while getting ready for my BIG Dirty 30 surprise he has planned! Finally I think I read the directions 3 times before taking it and possibly 5 times while waiting and it said POSITIVE! and so I read the directions 3 more times. Oh wow! I really am pregnant! I am so beyond excited im going to have a baby! It really is true! So I make my way to tell Derek he was really excited and says I think you should take the other, so I do and its positive. I told him no one is to know until I can get to the dr on Monday to the lab to be sure I mean these test are 99% accurate but you never know.  He then says well people are coming over and they are going to wonder why you aren't drinking... so now.. hmm.  I call my mom and sister and tell them the big news worlds cant express how excited they were especially Alicia! I'm pretty sure she started crying. It just made my day....30 and pregnant I am so excited for this year! Later my sister and brother in laws showed up and I told them immediately shortly the limo showed up and we were off to teatro zinzanni in Seattle which was an amazing themed dinner show that I had been wanting to attend since we moved here. It was a beautiful evening filled with lots of fun, love and nausea. 

The weeks to follow were filled with lots of excitement and lots of nausea days seemed longer than many and my bed never felt so amazing in the evenings, I cant read enough books about babies and spend hours on Pintrest. cleaning your house is over rated and just to think of cooking makes me wanna puke! But skittles, pickles, and smoothie's were my BFF for many weeks.
Feb 4, 2014: We met with our  Dr. Sam Song who is absolutely amazing I feel so good about her being our doctor.  Although that appointment was fairly interesting. The ultra sound was the most magical thing that has ever happened in my life, to just see that little baby kicking around in there and that strong little heart beat melted my whole world. We found out that day I was 11 weeks so my first trimester is almost to the end. Which would make since at why I'm feeling so much better.
At this point, I'm still feeling pretty tired, light nausea, hate cooking still, love being lazy, my skin is itchy and I'm now addicted to stretch mark cream,  ready to push myself to working out more, and junk food and sour patch kids make me feel so good. 

This is the best thing that has ever happened to us and we cant express to all our family and friends how excited we are! Let this journey begin as we unfold this next chapter of our lives.
Cheers to 30 and pregnant!

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