Sunday, March 16, 2014

Second trimester.

Wheeeewww!! So glad that first trimester is finally behind us. Much more thankful it doesn't last forever! 
Entering into the second trimester has been much better. My nausea has finally been kicked to the curb and my foodcravings  aren't as severe (minus always wanting candy have I ever told you my love for Easter candy well you can times that by a million cause I've been in heaven) sleep has still been my best friends but getting motivated has been a lot easier. Crossfit has gotten a lot better minus it's hard to wrap by head around the fact that I'm pregnant and have to take it a little easily. But am reminded this on a daily basis. Thankfully I'm not looking fluffy and like I've gained weight I now have a little baby bump.  

Hello second trimester! I'm going to forever be in love with you! No signs of feeling the baby move around in there just yet. But oh boy oh boy! I can't wait. Well I'm kinda nervous but it will be a fun experience feeling this little k in there. I haven't began to buy any maternity clothes quite yet so far everything is just getting a little more fitted. But when the time comes I'll be heading to that section to shop. Hoping I can just buy bigger cause maternity clothes aren't too fashionable. :( I'm not trying to pull off the soccer mom look quite yet.... Possibly ever. A few more weeks and we find out the gender and man are we anxious,excited and just can't wait for that day. Neither of us really have any sort of preference for some reason my heart is pointing to a girl (possibly cause that's the majority of my family) but what joy would it be to have a little boy dressed in bow ties and suspenders everyday! Ahhh I just can't wait to find out set up our nursery and SHOP!!! Just buying diapers at this point isn't really fun anymore. Stay posted on our baby reveal party coming very soon!! 

Happy Sunday my friends! 


  1. Oh my GOODNESS! Even more adorable now! Wish I could give you a big XO right now! Love You!!!

  2. What a difference three weeks makes!!! You look adorable! :)

    1. Thanks misty. So many changes everyday!

  3. I am such a proud dad and you look so beautiful with your baby you sweetie ! 1