Tuesday, April 15, 2014

21 weeks.

Time really is just flying by and its so hard to believe that we are now half way thru our pregnancy and this little GIRL will be here in no time!
Symptoms at 21 weeks: 
-swollen feet 
-always hungry 
-belly is itching a lot. :( stretch mark cream is still my BFF 
-candy is often a huge part of my day. 
-raspberry lemonade is my fav! 
-clothing is getting tighter.

21 weeks is a special time for me as during this time of this week I was out visiting my best friend Rachelle in Colorado.  We had such a great time too much fun to not blog about and I'm pretty sure I haven't had a post just yet on this amazing lady in my life.


Let me just give you a little back ground on our friendship. Rachelle and I have known each other since kindergarten yes, that's right KINDERGARTEN! Years and years later our friendship has ever lasted this life. We have been thru our ups and downs, we have laughed, we have cried. We have hated each other severely and loved each other dearly. From cruising town in Dixon chasing boys, to having too many to drink at a Saint Anthony party. Moving on past those days to me living in Springfield and Rachelle coming to visit every few weeks, downtown Springfield was our theme and Icon nightclub was our hot spot.  Or you could catch us in Dixon floating down the Gasconade reminiscing about old times. She was my maiden of honor at my wedding and enjoyed celebrating the love Derek and I have for one another. Once we moved to North Carolina and Washington every year Rachelle came and visited while me coming home twice a year we always visited then as well. Well Rachelle has moved on into the army world and now lives in Colorado it was time for our annual gathering and I decided verses her coming here why not me go there?  After all I haven't been to see her there and I have never been to Colorado lots of planning took place and I was Colorado bound.

Visiting Colorado.

I arrived in Denver Colorado, Rachelle and Alex greeted me at the airport and we headed to their residence in Colorado springs, Co.  Many things were planned during my visit. The next morning I woke up to the aroma of freshly made buttermilk pancakes.....every pregnant girls craving and dream and then we were off to the Royal Gorge to take a train ride thru the Gorge along side the fast flowing river. It was a beautiful afternoon the skies were clear and the weather was warm.  This was my first time riding on a train and it was so fun breathtaking and beautiful.  It was amazing to me that the mountains in Colorado are beautiful although its very desserty and looks a little dry. Not what I had envisioned, I envisioned it being more like Washington green and bright all around but it was quite opposite of that. 

Later that afternoon they took me on a ride thru Garden of the Gods and that was something my eyes have never seen so pretty huge boulders overlooking the town and a backdrop of mountains. 

That evening we went to the Rabbit Hole which was an amazing hidden restaurant under ground mmmm. . so good. 
The next day was a lazy day we woke up hung around the house in our pj's and just enjoyed our friendship times telling old stories, looking back thru old pictures and reminiscing about old times. I think we could look at the same pictures over and over again, laugh until we cry and tell a new story every time.  Its so much fun. The best part is that we are still best friends and that all of our friends that shared those moments with us we are still just as great of friends today as we were back then. Later that afternoon Rachelle and I decided to get out of the house.  As we were driving around and she was showing me the area all the sudden it started to lightly snow. But we had a plan and were determined we were going to go to Helen Hunt Falls well little did we know the weather was going to tell us differently. As we made our way the snow began to really cover the roads and what seemed to be a good idea suddenly changed and we decided to not risk our lives and turn around as the roads were a little slick. 

We got back home told more stories, played beauty shop and just visited while Alex prepared us an amazing dinner I must say that man can cook! Holy cow I felt like I had dinner at an amazing gourmet restaurant. He sure did know how to make this pregnancy girls night by making homemade Salted Caramel Ice Cream.  As our weekend quickly was flying by we did find time to go to a few baby boutiques and find some adorable new outfits for baby k . 
 Sadly to say my trip was over and I was back home. Sitting back just thinking of how much fun we had, the memories made and how we really did a lot in those few days I was there. this mamma is tired and now needing rest. But I couldn't not share with you how amazing this made the beginning of my week 21. One that I will not forget.

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  1. This is my favorite blog!! Ha.. great times ... I love that we now have it all documented :)