Sunday, August 3, 2014

36 weeks

36 weeks 5 days:: almost full term. 
Time sure has gone by fast except these last couple weeks have seemed to drag on and on. Guess that's because of how excited I am to meet this little miss and to know my time being pregnant is coming to an end and boy can I tell you I'm so excited! I'm ready. These are my feelings and thoughts this far 

-Kai knows something is going on and has to be near her mommy getting attention 24:7. Although there is nothing you can do to get her to go into the nursery. 

-Not sure what is bigger.... My belly... My butt.... Or my boobs.... 
- I grow on a daily basis. 
- my feet swell so largely that I can only wear flip flops and hurt so bad at times I can barely walk. 
- I think this is the hottest summer in the PNW since I've lived here... Yes I'm dying  without AC. 
-I'm only working 3-4 days a week now which still seems like a lot. 
- I find great relaxation laying by the pool on base. Yes I'm known to rock my belly in my bikini. 
- the nursery is getting closer to being done.  (Be in the lookout for a nursery blog post soon) 
- little miss k moves around ALL the time! 
- sleeping is over rated 
-Braxton hicks visits often especially at night. 
- I have the most loving husband. 
Well just a few more short weeks and hopefully baby k will make her arrival! 

My belly makes the strangest shapes sometimes. 
Family time. 

Shannon and I were due 3 days apart a few changes in her pregnancy and she will be induced in a couple weeks. I'm so beyond excited for them and can't wait to meet her little miss. Date night on the sound with this couple was super amazing. Possibly our last ones before our babies. :) 

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