Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Seatac- altanta

The day has finally arrived for Kinlee and I to head out to Georgia to visit my sister, Alicia and Malcolm. At 12 weeks old this momma is anxious to get there and leading up to flying I have been a nervous wreck. Thus far the experience has gone a little smoother than I had anticipated thank goodness! 
Upon traveling at the airport at an early 7am (we are NOT morning people) traffic was pretty heavy my nerves were twitching it seemed as if it was the longest drive to the airport. Derek was a little on edge as well. Arriving at seatac we found parking right away... Thankfully! (That never happens) I had prechecked in and prepaid for my check bag. In which I would highly recommend cause we didn't have to stand in that terrible long line. We zipped right in to the kiosks to print off the tags. One of the many of my amazing clients had told me Derek could get a security pass and walk to my gate with me. And let me just say that was the most amazing thing ever! Thank you Alaska. Air! Having him push the stroller while I toted Kinlee in the baby ergo made it much easier. She was amused by all the people and lights. (Yes she's taking after her momma and loves watching people) Derek was able to grab me a coffee and a fast food sandwich for a little bit of energy while Kinlee was being nursed (this wasn't my plan but does anything go as planned?!?!?) It was feeding time and I wasn't going to stretch it just so she can feed on the way up because this fussy baby won't eat when she's mad. By the time she had finished nursing it was time for us to preboard. The moment I was so nervous about. Down the runway we go a stroller, a carrier and baby in ergo and a diaper bag on my back. I "gracefully" placed our carrier in a big orange bag and the stroller next. (We all know how ruff they are in luggage I wanted to protect our nice britax with bagging) that was a lot harder than I thought. But finally I go them placed in the bag after smooshing my latte that I so needed prior to this flight.... Can you say caffeine addict? Finally made it on as I could feel myself to begin to sweat. I found our seat and got situated. Bottle out, burp cloth in hand, Aden swaddle blankets, pacifier in, water..... Ok breathe.... 
Kinlee was amused at all the people as our plane began to get full and my anxiety level began to rise for take off I remembered crap!!! I forgot to warm the bottle!!! Oh how breastfeeding is SO much easier than bottles. But bottles at times can be more convenient. After all she did just nurse but I'm worried about her ears and then I realize I need to chill and stop worrying.  I said a little prayer and put that pacifier in. I do believe this will be my sucking saving grace to happiness. I met the two amazing ladies in my row. (I believe they were angles) so helpful! One with anxiety level just as high as mine so we chatted until we were coasting above the clouds. At this point Kinlee was sound asleep and sucking away on her paci. Thank you lord for answering my prayers I felt his present as all my worries melted away. Hours into the flight my baby has slept this whole time as I sit here and make this blog post the longer I become a mom and the more that I am challenged to make decisions I have realized staying calm makes the biggest difference in the world. After all why did I even bring a bottle? 

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