Monday, August 19, 2013

Reunited once again.

This past week my mom came and visited us here in Washington for the first time. It was a much needed visit. Although I was recently home and we usually try to space out our trips I can never get enough time with my momma!  She fell in love at first sight with my house. Which of course made me and my inner goddess for decorating feel good. While she was here we became tourists for a week. We did a waterfall hike while on our way to Mt Rainier hiking a total of almost 6 miles. My mom was a champ and kept right up! We really enjoyed the beautiful views up at the top of the mountain.   Next visit was Seattle to Pikes Place Market, the Space Needle, Kerry park and many other attractions. During the remainder of her visit we spent time chatting, eating yummy foods, painting nails, transformed her hair into a new do and lots lots more fun! Never like some quality mom and daughter time! Until next time... 
Just  being silly. While out shopping. 

Eatonville waterfall. 

Mt. Rainier 

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