Thursday, August 8, 2013

The beauty of a flower garden.

As I was running out the door late this morning my eye got swept away by my beautiful tiger Lilly's in full bloom. It really is a fabulous thing when you realize all your hard work of picking out flowers at the nursery, purchasing bulbs in the spring, digging holes while pulling out Washington boulders is all paying off and totally worth it. One of the best part about it mostly being in full bloom is I learned all of this from my mother, whom is on her way to visit. I can't wait to show her all our hardwork and she will be able to witness its all paid off. So a huge shout on to her for teaching me this beauty. My plan is to cntinue to develop an english flower garden overflowing with every flower imaginable to the eye....This is the beginning of a long process. Happy end of summer full of bloom peeps! 

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