Thursday, August 22, 2013

Love for a lollipop.

So yesterday as I was surfing around checking out other blogs and finding things that inspire me in my life. I ran across Strong is the new skinny blog. (What a fab blog!) It made me realize that I have a little better understand how we rely on food as a comfort and how so many people use this to train their children.... Including my mother.   You disobeyed as a child or didn't wanna do something so your mother would say ill buy you an ice cream if you.....  Now as an adult when I'm not feeling well, had a bad day, PR'd a workout or whatever reason I can come up with for an excuse for a treat this is what I turn too....JUNK FOOD
So now I'm sitting here stumbling in my brain. I don't have kids but they are definately in the very near future. So I found myself enjoying lots of things about parenting, raising your child and the quirks of being a parent. I'm just trying to be well educated to prepare myself for my future of healthy children who start their lives eating right and making healthy decisions from birth.  So here I am stumbled. So what do you do instead of bribe your child with a lollipop or ice cream?


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